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Malcolm Video Testimonial

Malcolm - Buyer Client:
Hi, my name is Malcolm. I'm a client of A Buyer's Best Choice Realty, specifically with Ashley Wilson.
It was a very nice, refreshing change to deal with them, a buyer's only agent, instead of a standard Realtor. The biggest change being that, I wasn't brought only around to his personal listings to try and make sure that he got both sides of the commission, instead he doesn't have any interest in anything, unless he finds me what I want. So, he listened to me carefully, he found what I specifically described, then gave me a second separate list of things that he thought might fit the bill.
And as it turns out, I ended up buying one of his suggestions. So, he was very intuitive with that. It's clear that Ashley likes doing what he does, and likes people, and that's why he pays good attention. He was very helpful in knowing local people that were reputable to help me with things like home inspection and all that. He was very helpful with me coming from out of state; as to what some of the pitfalls and warnings of the area are, school districts, and such for me to make a wiser purchase.
And lastly, he didn't use my maximum price as a launching pad to try and drive up prices. He gave me choices all along the way, any time I wanted to change anything, was very understanding, very patient, and very professional, and very thorough in everything he did. I would definitely recommend him and A Buyer's Best Choice Realty.